High-Dose Fluzone and Fluad (Senior Flu Shot)

There are 2 vaccines available for people 65 and older. We refer to these vaccines as senior flu shots. One vaccine works by providing a higher dose of antigen, the other works by adding an adjuvant which helps boost immunity.

Both are effective and approved by the Advisory Committee on Immunization practices and covered under most Medicare B plans. Click on the links below for more information regarding each vaccine.

As you get older, your immune system weakens. Which means your antibody response after getting traditional flu vaccine isn't as high as it use to be. High Dose Fluzone helps boost immunity in people 65 and older. Click here for more information on HighDose Fluzone.

Fluad is the newest senior flu vaccination. It contains an immune-enhancing ingredient(adjuvant) that can help provide a strong immune response to the flu. Click here for more information on Fluad.

Based on new CDC and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations, FLUAD(tm) is now an acceptable alternative to other vaccines licensed for people 65 and older. There is no preferential recommendation made for any flu vaccine formulation for this age group.