Answers to frequently asked questions about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) from The Shot Nurse.

If your ADAM test is positive for Low T symptoms, the next step is to have your blood tested.

Stop by any of our three locations Monday through Friday to have a simple blood test. Just ask to see “The TRT Nurse” for fast discreet service. The cost is $45 and the results are available the next day. This blood test checks your Testosterone and PSA level.

  • If your Testosterone blood level is below 350ng/dl and your ADAM test is positive for low T symptoms, you may qualify for our supplement program.

  • After qualifying for the program, you will be asked to see our Nurse Practitioner. They will review your history and lab and write the order for you to start receiving the Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The cost for this visit is $75.

  • The first shot is $75. Thereafter, the shots are $50 each and are given every 10 to 14 days.

  • After 3 months on our program, we draw labs to check your progress. There is a charge of $130, but INCLUDES your shot.

  • All candidates are reviewed by Dr. Joe Holley and followed closely for safety and effectiveness.

  • The Shot Nurse does not currently file insurance for our TRT Program.

  • TRT is NOT “juicing” or abuse of a drug that is needed by your body. If your testosterone level is low and causing symptoms, it is a healthy replacement for your body. TRT is simply a way to supplement your body’s own natural testosterone, by bringing your levels back up to a healthy point, thus resulting in a healthier and happier you!

  • So, get in the car, come get your blood tested, replace what you've lost and get your life back!