Exchange Fat for Energy!

Our Wellness Service is designed to safely reduce excess fat while significantly increasing one's energy level and stamina. Typically, participants experience a significant increase in energy level within 10 days of beginning. This program has been designed to achieve noticeable and measurable results at a very economic price.

The Shot Nurse will come to you! A registered nurse will visit your facility to administer our Wellness Service to anyone who wishes to participate. A general health questionaire is obtained and then initial % body fat measurements is recorded. A customized calorie program is set up tailored for your age, sex, and activity level. You will recieve materials needed to start the program. Then, the nurse will visit monthly to take additional measurements (% body fat) and provide a monthly Lipo Shot or regular B12 shot (optional).

The initial consultation is $60. It includes a percentage of body fat measurement, assessment, first Lipo Shot or dose of vitamin B12 and a customized plan.

$30 Monthly. Once a month, each participant will receive additional measurements, one Lipo Shot or Vitamin B12 Shot, and personalized support from the nurse to track progress & provide ongoing assistance.

The service without vitamin B12 supplementation is $40 for the initial consultation and $10 per month for follow-up measurements and support.

Blood work is also available for those that would like to upgrade their initial consultation and assessment. So that we may customize your service, please speak with the nurse regarding which blood tests are utilized to compliment the program.

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We also recommend using organic supplements and vitamins due to better absorption. These can be found at your local nutrition stores or odered online at Pharmanex. Pharmanex offers a very high quality product at an affordable price called Vitox. Vitox contains antioxidants combined with multivitamins and chelated minerals (minerals must be chelated to be digested) Vitox incorporates beta carotene, vitamin C, and natural vitamin E. Vitox includes essential B vitamins, selenium, and many other important vitamins and minerals to support normal health and well-being. You can link directly to the Vitox order page here: Vitox

Strength Training for Your Health

Strength training is done with resistance such as hand weights or bands and helps to build muscle mass. Cardio training is activity which raises your heart rate, such as walking on a treadmill or running. Cardio training will eventually lower both your resting blood pressure and heart rate.

The average 25-year old woman has 25% body fat. The average 65-year old woman has 43% body fat. As we start to lose muscle over the years, our body fat increases. Cutting calories can help you lose fat, but unless you exercise, you'll also lose muscle. Strength training exercises, done two to three times per week, can dramatically alter the ratio of bulky body fat to fat-burning muscle tissue. The more muscle you have, the more calories and fat you burn - even sitting still.

Besides building strength and aiding weight control, weight lifting may also improve the ratio of LDL (bad) cholesterol to HDL (good) cholesterol, relieve arthritic symptoms and help prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Studies show a direct link between resistance training and increased bone density, which is important for preventing osteoporosis (os-tee-oh-poor-oh-sis, brittle bone disease.)

Strength training to reduce weight gain as we age can also help lower cancer risk.

Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are foods that have negative calories, this means that it takes more to burn them than they contain. They speed up your metabolism and help you flush out the fat.

Apples, Berries, Fresh Fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Not only are apples good for your immune system and GI tract, they also limit the amount of fat that your cells can absorb. Pectin is the chemical that gives apples, berries, and most fresh fruit their color. Once in your system, Pectin has a water binding property and absorbs watery substances, making the cells release fat deposits.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, and limes have high fat burning quality because they contain high concentrations of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which reduces the effectiveness of fat. It can liquefy or dilute fat by reducing its content. This makes it less effective, and easier to flush out of your system. It also helps to decrease cholesterol deposits, therefore, making it difficult for more deposits to form in blood vessels.


Lecithin is a chemical found in soybeans that acts as a shield against fat. This chemical will decrease the amount of fat that your cells can accumulate and helps break down fatty deposits in your body.

***A comprehensive program designed to decrease one's percentage of body fat is generally safe. However, those with a chronic illness or special condition should alert the nurse and consult a private physician before starting any program.***

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