Tips for Caregivers and Parents

It is normal for people to be scared of needles. Especially for children and those with disabilities such as Autism
  • Talk about their fear. Let them know it is okay to be scared.
  • Walk them through what will happen the day of the vaccination. This will help them feel prepared. Social stories may help some people.
  • Allow time so they can prepare. Feeling rushed can increase stress and anxiety.
  • Support them to talk to the health professional about their fears.
  • Bring comfort items such as music, a phone game, or a fidget toy.
  • Take deep breaths with them.
  • Do not restrain or force the person during the procedure if at all possible.
  • Support them to get additional help or make a plan ahead of time if they have a very strong fear. Many types of therapy can help people with needle fear prepare for an appointment.
  • Support with a Comfort Hold

Who We Are

The Shot Nurse is an Immunization & Wellness Service dedicated to the well being of our community in the Memphis & Tri-state area. Our team of nurses provides convenient wellness services that prevent disease and improve one's quality of life. Our goal is to provide nursing services to the community and companies who occasionally need a nurse. These services include all immunizations or boosters needed for work, school, travel, and everyday health; lab work; TB Skin tests; Men's Testosterone Replacement; Lipo and Vitamin B12 Shots. Please visit our Services page for details about all we do.

Want to Join Our Team?
Currently, The Shot Nurse is accepting resumes for RNs, LPNs, MAs and vaccine certified technicians. Send your resume here.

To make staying healthy even easier, The Shot Nurse can come to you! For groups of 10 or more, a nurse will come to your facility. Click here for information about our out-call service. For individuals, walk-in service is available at our three conveniently located Mid-South offices with front door parking and no waiting! Covid Vaccines are only available in our offices by appointment. Call for your appointment.

We offer complimentary CAR-SIDE SERVICE for persons with impaired mobility.




9 am - 5 pm

Open SATURDAYS at our
from 10 am to 2 pm.
(714 N Germantown Pkwy Closed on Saturdays)

Holiday Hours
The Shot Nurse will be closed
Thursday, July 4th
for the Independance Day holiday.

(NO lab services or verification of Insurance is available on Saturdays, for travel consultations or immigration vaccinations please arrive 20 mins before closing due to time involved)

We offer complimentary CAR-SIDE SERVICE for persons with impaired mobility.
*Must be accompanied by a caregiver to enter the office to complete payment and paperwork.

The Shot Nurse has the protection you need
with a personal touch!

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