What We Offer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends several vaccinations for all Americans. Their studies show that only 25% of all Americans are properly vaccinated from the fourteen communicable diseases for which we have vaccines. Our immunization program offers a service for individuals and companies to determine which immunizations they need and to obtain them in a very convenient setting. Whether it is for work, school, travel or everyday living, we can provide you with the immunizations you need to stay healthy! Click on the items to the right for details of each service.

We have three convenient locations with front door parking, no appointment necessary and no waiting.

Insurance accepted for Vaccinations

The nurse can come to you!

For a groups of ten or more, a registered nurse will visit your office, church, school, or other facility to administer the vaccinations or services you choose. Link to our group appointment page here.

Vitamin B12 Shots

Our Vitamin B12 service offers monthly injections of Vitamin B12 at the work site or at one of our offices . The cost is $20 per shot with every 5th shot free! A minimum of ten people are required for an on-site monthly appointment. Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin needed to form red blood cells and for proper brain and spinal cord function. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin not easily absorbed by the stomach or intestinal tract so an injectable form of the vitamin was developed. Click here for details of about monthly vitamin B12 shots.

Lipotropic Shots MIC-B12

We offer weekly lipotropic injections of MIC-B12 at the work site or at one of our three offices . The cost is $25 per shot with every 5th shot free! A minimum of ten people are required for an on-site appointment. Lipo shots are a formula of essential vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Methionine, Inositol & Choline combined to mobilize & burn fat. Lipo Shots are used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program to reach your weight loss goal. Click here for details of about weekly Lipotropic shots of MIC-B12.

Health Fairs

Our well-trained professionals are available to companies or groups with services customized to meet their needs. Services may include blood pressure checks, percentage of body fat analysis, various blood tests, and free educational materials about immunizations and other health issues, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Call our office for more details or schedule an appointment.

TB Skin Testing

TB Skin Testing (Mantoux Method) is available for $30 per test, which includes interpretation of the test within 72 hours and documentation of the results. Click here to learn the reasons for testing and how it is interpreted.

Drug Scan 10

Drug Screening is available to employers and individuals with instant results. Our Drug Scan 10 detects ten classes of drugs instantly with lab verification available to confirm any positive test. Visit our Drug Scan 10 Page for more details.

CPR Training

CPR training is available for groups.

Vaccinations Available

  • Trivalent Flu Shot
  • $25
  • Quadrivalent Flu Shot
  • $35
  • Senior Flu Shot (65 and older)
  • $60
  • Pneumonia PNEUMOVAX23
  • $110
  • Pneumonia PREVNAR PCV13
  • $215
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria
  • $50
  • TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis)
  • $70
  • Hepatitis B (Per dose)
  • $70
  • Pediatric Hepatitis B (Per dose)
  • $50
  • Hepatitis A (Per dose)
  • $80
  • Pediatric Hepatitis A (Per dose)
  • $60
  • Meningococcal ACY-W
  • $155
  • Bexsero Meningococcal B vaccine (per dose)
  • $195
  • Trumenba Meningococcal B vaccine (per dose)
  • $195
  • MMR
  • $90
  • Chickenpox
  • $145
  • Typhoid
  • $105
  • Yellow Fever (Office Only)
  • $190
  • Shingrix (shingles) vaccine (per dose)
  • $185
  • Zostavax(shingles) vaccine
  • $245
  • Gardasil 9/HPV Vaccine (per dose)
  • $250
  • Polio Vaccine
  • $60
  • Japanese Encephalitis
    (per dose)
  • $325
  • Rabies Vaccine
    (per dose)
  • $375


  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • $50 per dose
  • TRT Exam Fee
  • $75
  • Vitamin B12 Shot
  • $20
  • Lipo Shot/ AMIC-B12
  • $25
  • TB Skin Test
  • $35
  • Quantiferon TB blood test
  • $85

    Lab Work Available

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) (screens for anemia)
  • $30*
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • $30*
  • Lipid Profile (Cholesterol levels)
  • $30*
  • Comprehensive Panel (includes CBC, CMP, and Lipid Profile)
  • $70*
  • Hepatitis B Titer
  • $45*
  • Chickenpox Titer
  • $65*
  • MMR(mumps,measles,and rubella) Titer
  • $100*
  • Testosterone level
  • $30*
  • Testosterone level w/PSA (screens for prostate Cancer)
  • $60*
  • Urine Drug Screening 10
  • $35*
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • $30*
  • HIV Screen
  • $40*
    Administration fee*$25*
    * Discounted administration fee for non-insured or self pay clients

    *All prices subject to change